QA Concepts and Implementation Guidelines by Nadeem Kayani

This White Paper provides an overview of the concepts and functions of quality assurance, or QA, and provides guidelines for the implementation of a QA program. This was authored by our founder, over a decade ago, however the core concepts/principles remain the same, so we thought we would re-share. This document also touches on each […]

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Prime Exclusive – How to – Security Testing OWASP Tope 5 issues

Web application users and Web application vulnerabilities are increasing day by day and this is because while developing the web applications standards are not followed the way they should be followed. This will inevitably expose more Web application users to malicious attacks. Security testing is one of the most important software security practices, which is […]

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Utilizing Jmeter and Selenium to solve Performance Testing challenges for most

When it comes to Load/Performance/Stress/Endurance (Volume) testing there are numerous testing tools available to perform this operation, from free to commercial solutions. That we can look around and fulfill our testing needs some of them are open source and some of them are licensed. The most popular one among open source tools is JMETER and […]

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