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    The application was developed in Client Server Technology (Visual basic and VC++).
    The communication happening between the client(terminal server) and server(Dcom Server) is not through Http. It uses Remote Procedure Call to connect to the server.

    Can any one please suggest which open source tool can be used to test this applciation ?

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    These tools are testing VB and VC++.

    [b:26ot24kz]PureMVC-FlexUnit-Testing [/b:26ot24kz]

    Description : PureMVC FlexUnit Testing is a tiny library to allow PureMVC applications to utilize the unit testing capabilities of FlexUnit. FlexUnit is tremendous unit testing framework but is only meant to handle standard ActionScript 3 events and not designed to understand the PureMVC Notification system. Writing a TestCase that extends PureMVCTestCase provides the ability to convert PureMVC Notifications into standard ActionScript 3 events which FlexUnit handles very well. This project references both the PureMVC and FlexUnit projects.

    [b:26ot24kz] EasyUnit 1.0 Beta 2 [/b:26ot24kz]

    Description : EasyUnit 1.0 Beta 2 This is the last release before 1.0. It contains detailled examples and binaries for common compiler. Fixtures support was also modified (new macros). Next release will include doxygen documentation, VC++, Borland builder and Unix gcc compatible binaries. EasyUnit is a unit testing framework for C++ and EC++ that intends to ease this process. It is based on CppUnitLite administration-free concept with the following additions: fixtures support, customizable test runner and results printer.

    You can get these tools from [url=]here[/url:26ot24kz] .

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    You can give watir a try.

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