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    I am a new QA Analyst (8 months) at a public policy consulting firm. We have a web based application that allows low income clients, lead by counselors, to claim public benefits and file taxes.

    Our system uses an internet browser as a front end to Perl software and a database. We do entirely manual testing at this point. I am interested in automating some of our regression tests in support of the manual testing that we do.

    I have a programming background, so a solution with a low or high level interface is fine. I expect to approach this from a test scripting / data repository approach as opposed to doing record and playback.

    We have a fairly good interdepartmental system for designing test scenarios and defect tracking. In addition to automation, we are also somewhat lacking in the test management department, but I consider this largely a different issue. Excel test tracking spreadsheets and reporting from our defect tracking software is filling that need somewhat. However, thus far we have made very little progress towards automating some of our tests.

    We currently do not have the attention of management as far as purchasing a test suite. I would greatly apreciate any suggestions as far as open source software.


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    Use perl module Win32::IEAutomation. This module provides very good methods to automate any web application. …

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    Try Selenium IDE for Firefox.

    Its easy to record and can get you up and running with simple scripts very quickly.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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