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    In our testing cycle we generate simple text scripts which we later run on our application, issues raised are added in Bugzilla, and the bug regressoin process follows. Once our product is complete we begin developing the next phase, this often means our test scripts need to be amended to cover new functionality/fixes.
    I need a simple repository for storing these scripts. I was thinking of using a simple light weight web forum and altering it for our needs, but if anyone knows of specific software (preferably web based) that is designed for this purpose, that would be great :)

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    Why dont you take CVS?
    In my old company qwe used it on Windows and Linux.
    Take it! This is the best and simpliest solution.

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    I would use a simple source code version control tool like CVS or Subversion. Both are free, and it really doesnt get much easier than that. Setup a respository and checkin updates to your scripts whenever you make them. You can revert to older versions.. check diffs between versions.. etc.. You can also branch and merge your code if you perhaps have different projects going on that use similar scripts derived from the same base.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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