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    Im looking for something that ought to be easy to find but I cant find it. I need a software tool (preferably open source or freeware – or at least low cost) that will enable me to create test and diagnostic procedures for doing go-nogo tests on a system, and if the go-nogo test fails, doing further tests to pin down the cause of the fault. The tests themselves are currently manual, so the software simply needs to prompt the user with the next test to carry out, and then to offer him a set of radio buttons for the possible outcomes, with possibly some numeric boxes for entry of some readings (e.g. from a measuring instrument). It then needs to prompt him with the next test to perform, or (if this is the end of the procedure) to give its diagnosis. Im not at this stage looking for automatic generation of test procedures, complex inference engines, probabalistic calculations, or the ability to capture human knowledge. The systems under test are relatively straightforward microprocessor driven electronic systems – they are not moon rockets or the human body.

    What software can you recommend for this application?

    Thanks – Rowan

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