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    I am looking for a tool that will automatically compare the non-HTML contents of a web page with a word document. That is to say, the Word for word on the web page. Ive done a search through the site and have been puzzled by the variety of the programs you have here.

    The tricky part of the task we need the program for is the word document that will be compared with the web page content is not in machine readable format. Its written by freelance copywriters on Microsoft Word. Our task at the development team would have been a lot simpler had the copywriters only tagged their own code, but what can you do?

    So, what we need is to compare the new copy with what has been put on the web site, catch the new additions, take out the deletions, and add the new content.

    Why do we need a program to do that instead of doing it by hand? Well, when we are looking at testing a page with hundreds of pages of word content, it gets tedious very quickly, even for the most patient among us. :)

    I hope I was able to make the problem clear. I hope you will recommend me an open source solution to take care of it easily.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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