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    Hi folks, I just thought Id say hi and see if I can get some suggestions and direction from the people with more experience than I…

    [b:18ua1pzt]Background:- [/b:18ua1pzt]
    I started software testing almost 3 years ago working for a games publisher. I spent just over two years with them, became an assistant lead and team trainer for any new recruits into the team of 60ish. As an assistant lead I was responsible for formulating a lot of low-level test plans. While working there I started off using an in-house web-based bug tracking tool mainly but also Bugzilla *shudder*. Then they upped and moved our tracking software to Test Track Pro which I duly had to learn at all user levels to train new guys. I got no experience at the admin side though as it was administered from the IT Dept.

    From there I moved over to a fixed odds betting and touch-screen entertainment company and while working there I learned a little about JIRA but generally all issues I found were communicated via email to devs and fixed before testing a new build. Maintainence Testing was my job pretty much, however while working there I studied for my ISEB Foundation in Software Testing and passed with 15% more than required. :)

    Ive since moved to a London Trading company as their only tester which has provided me with a massive opportunity!

    [b:18ua1pzt]Details:- [/b:18ua1pzt]
    We currently have a Trading Software which is used specifically by the company. Its barebones but it does what it says on the tin.

    At the moment we have a team of five developers and myself and a new project in the oven. Basically its a nice shiny new version of the current software with a lot of new features and functions and its being build from the ground up.

    Were using the MSDN suite and most of the coding is going to be in C# excluding the backends which will remain in C++.

    As we have no code to test thus far Ive been concentrating on building the QA Department, writing documentation etc. I have an IEEE-based Master Test Plan for the project and Im writing individaul test docs based on the stuff I get told (we have no master software plan yet!)

    [b:18ua1pzt]Request:- [/b:18ua1pzt]
    How would you start building a solid base for a QA Department?
    What books are “essential reads” for Test Management and Testing in general?
    Have I started in completely the wrong way?
    Where would you guys start with regard to testing tools?
    I believe wed rather go for open-source tools than commercial as its a small company so as much as Id like to go for Mercury and get training on it its not going to happen.
    Im still debating about Test Track Pro for bug tracking as I know it ties in with MSDN but Id like some feedback as to whether itll be better to go opensource with everything?

    I know its a lot of info but I figure Ill be here for the long run so why not make friends sooner rather than later? heh

    Cheers folks!

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    If you are starting the QA department of a small company, I would recommend that you use the experience of Lisa Crispin in her article "Uncharted Territory: Introducing QA in a Web Startup". … .php?id=34

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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