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    I am studing free test managment tools to choose one for my project, i saw Squash TM is an promessing one but I would like to have the feedback of someone that used it.
    Could anyone share his experience with me ? any issue, any advice ?

    Thanks in advance ,

    Julia R

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    Hi Julia,

    I am a project manager, we installed [url=]SquashTM[/url:vuyosgi8] last month to organize our functional tests. So far the team seems to be pleased with it. Even if there is a lack of documentation the tool is pretty intuitive and the team answers fast to anny question on the forum.
    Many of the defects we saw have been corrected in its last version (especially the resize of the text-edition boxes and the test-suites).
    As drawbacks i would cite a lack of reporting so far (the manager speaking ^^) .
    It seems to me that Squash TM is not perfect because it is still recent but what made me choose it is the comming of [url=]Squash TA/Data[/url:vuyosgi8].

    I would be curious to have the opinion of other users too, especially from ones that are maybe more used to other tools than me ? Or from ones that have huge amount of data to process ? ?


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    Hi Remi,

    Since Squash TA has been released I was wondering if you tried it and what do you thind about it ?
    Thanks 4 reply


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    I havent tried Squash TA yet, I am waiting for the documentation they say should come soon.
    Ill tell you then …

    Have you tried TM ? are you using it already ?

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    I am using Squash TM, I am pretty pleased with the last version 1.1.1.
    I have the same thoughts as you about the fact that it is ergonomic , and easy to use.
    About the lack of reporting it doesnt bother me because I use my own sql requests on the database to generate my reports. I could use a Test-case versioning and a more finest management of users rights but i know there is more to come on this tool so ill wait for it.
    Im sorry we dont have a huge amount of data to make a usefull feedback on it, I just noticed that pages appear faster on Chrome than FF…

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    Im a beginner in functional testing and this discussion interests me because Ive been watching severals tools including Squash TM.
    I would like to have feedback from people who are using it.


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    Squash TA is available ! :) I just dit their tuto (luckly there is one !) I havent been deep in testing it yet, have you ?

    Here is a list of Test management tools : … ment_tools
    For a beginner Squash TM is nice to understand how things work: create you requirement, cover them with test cases, execute them in campaigns declined in iterations … It has usefull features like the call-steps (that allow you to write common scenarios only once), step-by-step execution (where you can tag the execution step with success,failure … ). Also, their forum is pretty active .

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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