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    We are planning to implement automated testing in our project. The question at the moment is what tool to use, ideally it would be open source (ie no licence fees).

    The system to be tested is client/server, and the application is built using Java.

    The application has many screens ome are static, some dynamic changing according to serial input messages received.

    Also it interacts with other systems and the messages are sent in xmls.

    Tool would need to capture that all the information is captured and sent back to respective components.

    There may be a requirement to check for correct colour(s) in fields and maximum limit for strings of characters.

    Thanks for your help and ideas.

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    I doubt if there is any open source tool that automate client-server java application. You may find one but, would not obviously have all features listed. Answer the following questions…

    1) what technology is used for User Interface (AWT or, SWING, etc.,)?
    2) The requirement is to capture the XML (as I understand), but, do we need to manipulate XMLs before passing them on?
    3) verifying the color and other attributes comes under GUI testing, hence your tool supports GUI testing as well…

    By the way, Ive been working on automation for over 7 years and have worked on different commercial tools and frameworks. Im now working developing an automation tool. I would be able to help you providing a solution (ofcourse free of cost :) ).

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    hey thanks a lot :) …I thought I wont be getting any help on this…as its been almost more than a month I have posted my query.

    PFB replies to your queries

    1) Java SWINGS is used for User Interface..
    2) The requirement is to capture the XML that is the data filled in the java application would be sent in XML. so we need to verify that xml.
    3) verifying the color is not that much imp but it should be able to fill data in checklist, radio button, text fields etc.

    Let me know in case you have any other query regarding my application.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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