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    Hi everyone,

    We have application which is made of Java and it also has some .net forms in it. It is like entire application in Java provided by vendor and when there is change or enhacement our firm does that in .net and have a link in the application.

    When the user click on the application provided by vendor it opens another window which is custom made .net enchancements.

    Could some let me know how do I automate the scenarios which include automating both java and .net pages? Do we have any open source tools which can recognize this cross technology GUI ?

    Please help me out..

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    [url=][b:3vabmf2j] vTest 1.0 [/b:3vabmf2j][/url:3vabmf2j]

    [b:3vabmf2j]Description :[/b:3vabmf2j] vTest is an automated functional and regression testing tool for web applications. It incorporates record, verify, playback and reporting capabilities. All popular Internet technologies such as HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, JavaScript, DHTML, ActiveX, Java and Flash are supported. vTest also supports all major web application frameworks including ASP, ASP.NET, Java Servlets and JSP, PHP and Perl/CGI. vTest allows you to record and test your entire application in minutes by simply pointing and clicking on your Web application. Without any programming, all objects are automatically captured and recorded as a graphical script which shows the steps in your script in the form of an icon-based tree. For those users who wish to use scripting, vTest uses JavaScript as the scripting language and provides a comprehensive JavaScript API that you can use to create customized test scripts. vTest creates scripts that adapt very well when your applications user interface changes. Most of the competition creates scripts that simply use the object name/ID to identify an object in your application. vTest uses a sophisticated object identification algorithm to identify objects in your application. This allows vTest scripts to adapt very well to changes in an applications user interface.

    * Automate functional and regression testing tasks and thus reduce time-to-market
    * Enhance the efficiency of quality assurance engineers by allowing them to devote less time to manual testing and more time to test design
    * Maximize reliability and robustness by providing the capability to run tests on demand or according to a set schedule without the need for any user intervention
    * Does not require a programming background. For those users who wish to use their programming skills, vTest uses the industry standard JavaScript language
    * Manage product evolution effectively by generating easily modifiable tests

    All the Best….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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