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    im a computer science student and i have to perform some test on a server.
    On the server is running a java web application: for the purporse i choose [url=]magnolia-cms[/url:g8vwex2w] with the demo template, because ive to benchmark the jvm gargabe collector.
    Ive to perform some requests (a simple url get from a client) that follows a random exponential distribution with a specified rate (lambda) to simulate a queue and measure the average response time.
    Ive wrote a pyhon code that do this, but ive to use multiprocessing (threading in python doesnt work as expected).
    Unfortunatelly this is not good on terms of performance when the rate is high.
    I also try in Java but the response time measured is very high than a simple wget or a browser request.
    Now i find [url=]this[/url:g8vwex2w], but ive to try it if satisfies my requirements.

    So, what im asking here is:
    can you suggest me any tools that can do what i need?

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