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    We are about to start a new project and realise that automated testing will have many benefits. The question at the moment is what tool to use, ideally it would be open source (ie no licence fees). I have no experience of using automation apart from some batch command.

    The system to be tested is client/server using standard ethernet dual LANs. The operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 running on intel based hardware.

    The system can hold 10,000 pages (or screens), some are static, some dynamic changing according to serial input messages received, some are linked from page to page. The system will initially contain minimum 1000 pages, typically 2-3,000 pages.

    Tool would need to capture a page and compare either field(s) or the complete page with the test sample and give a test result.

    There may be a requirement to check for correct colour(s) in fields and strings of characters.

    Thanks for your help and ideas

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    Hi Brian,
    You have a list of QA/Testing tools here: [url:ggllm63y][/url:ggllm63y].

    For web site testing, you will need:

    1) a tool to build the tests themselves (such as “autoIt” and its IE extension that allows to test the content of an HTML page, simulate clicks on buttons, text typing in textfields etc.)

    2) a test management tools (such as “XStudio”) to handle the test plans, test execution and reports of results).

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    Participant is also a good site where you get a lot of open source tools


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    you may interested in, wish that will help you

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    you may interested in, wish that will help you


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    I would appreciate if anyone here can give me recommendation:

    I need to make an automation tool to manage on a trading webpage, a webtrader.
    To login and to open trades and close trades within 20 min.

    I expect this small tool to do this job on Mac and Windows OS.

    I expect this samll tool to be able to use on several computer.
    (with no cost and easy insatllation)

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    Open source use JMeter… but for very cheap money, use JBlitz.

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    You can use selenium rc + jUnit(for example… you can use phpunit, perl etc – whatever you want) for this, selenium is freeware and there is a lot of information in the net about it. :roll:

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