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Hi Agnes,

1. Functional regression tests
2. Test engineers
3. Webdriver, also Robot Framework Selenium library
4. Nope, only firebug/chrome dev tools for identifying controls
5. Python
6. Jenkins
7. Manually

I hope it was helpful despite the fact its now 8 months since you wrote the question

[*:3o0uc5te]Which kind of tests do you automate with Selenium (integration tests, functional tests…) ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]Who is responsible for creating the Selenium testcases (developers, QA…) ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]Do you use Selenium RC or Selenium Webdriver ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]Do you use a recorder (such as Selenium IDE or SeleniumBuilder) to create your testcases ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]Which langage do you use to write your Selenium testcases (e.g. : Selenese, Java, Ruby…) ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]Which client do you use to run your Selenium testcases (e.g. : a maven project, Selenium IDE, keyword/data/behaviour testing tool…) ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te]
[*:3o0uc5te]How do you create the data required for your testcase to run successfully (e.g.: by using the tested webapp, SQL queries…) ?[/*:m:3o0uc5te][/list:o:3o0uc5te]

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