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I think these are useful to you.

[b:2xlq4k78] Testuff [/b:2xlq4k78]
Environment : Windows Applications
Tool : Not Applicable
Category : Test Automation,Test Management
Subject : Testuff , testcase , Testrun , defects , testcase management
Description : Testuff is an on-demand service for managing and executing manual software tests and for reporting defects. It is a test management suite that includes management for various test stuff: cases, runs, defects and more.
Here are some of the highlights:
* No more “works for me” – capture a video of each test and attach it to bug reports. Testuff drastically reduces the time testers spend explaining the bugs to developers and helps developers quickly reproduce and eradicate elusive bugs.
* Doesnt require an IT department to install and maintain. Testuff is an on-demand service with a desktop client application and a secure web-based backend. It saves you both time and money which can be better spent on improving your software.
* Integrates with many bug trackers and can automatically generate bug reports in your bug tracker. All reports include a link to the video recording of the test and a lot of additional useful information for reproducing and correcting bugs.
* Gives you peace of mind by storing your test data on secure and routinely backed up servers that are monitored around the clock.

[b:2xlq4k78] Mabot-0.5.2 [/b:2xlq4k78]
Environment : Windows Applications
Tool : Not Applicable
Category : Generic,Manual Testing
Subject : Mabot-0.5.2 , Roobt frameworks , Manual test, reporting

Description : Mabot is a tool for reporting manual test execution results in format understood by Robot Frameworks report generation component. It allows combining manual and automated test results to one common report.
* Manual test cases can be saved to same format as automated tests.
* Easy and simple way for marking test execution results.
* Showing subset of test cases is easy by selecting visible test cases based on tags.
* Tagging functionality makes it easy to collect statistics.
* Same output format with Robot Framework makes it possible to See manual and automated tests results in one report. o See total statistics of testing.

You can get this tools from [url=]here[/url:2xlq4k78]

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