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You may need to use basic database to store the dat and then mine using own logic. there cannot be any handy tools readied for such specific logic.

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[quote="mimitam":1xdxqi19]Hi there, greetings

I am looking for a Test Tool to test a piece of complex software that does Mobile Data Monitoring and Analysis.
Our software captures data in real-time to show what web sites, applications and features mobile consumers are accessing from their mobile devices. This is not mobile network performance monitoring but mobile Data Monitoring that captures data to answer questions such as:
• What kind of data are mobile users looking for?
• What are mobile users doing with this data?
• What applications are being consumed?
• How is usage correlated with user demographics and location?
It is not unlike “web site analytics” extended to the mobile network itself.
Looking forward to your forthcoming recommendations or any relevant info.
Many Thanks…Mimi[/quote:1xdxqi19]

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