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You use badboy to record your Web Application and save as .JMX Scripts. You may not find tohers like this flexible one, but you can use Selenium, TestGen4Web Add-in Plugin for firefox 3 as a starter in Testing world.

I have been asked to test a web application using Jakarta JMeter.

I have searched all over but i cant seem to find any application that fits the following criteria: source
2.light weight
3.easy to install
4.comes shipped with jmeter test scripts (.jmx) files

I am trying to explore the command line options of JMeter and hence would like to run all the tests from the command line without any use of the GUI.

Is there any place where I can get JMeter test scripts?

If anybody can share any information about this I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance[/quote:x2wa4zd9]

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