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[b:kyklrdvk]What is OpenSTA(Open System, Testing, Architecture)[/b:kyklrdvk]
OpenSTA is a distributed software testing architecture designed around CORBA, it was originally developed to be commercial software by CYRANO. The current toolset has the capability of performing scripted HTTP and HTTPS heavy load tests with performance measurements from Win32 platforms. However, the architectural design means it could be
capable of much more.

[b:kyklrdvk]Web Load Testing
HTTP Stress & Performance Tests[/b:kyklrdvk]
The applications that make up the current OpenSTA toolset were designed to be used by performance testing consultants or other technically proficient individuals. This means testing is performed using the record and replay metaphor common in most other similar commercially available toolsets. Recordings are made in the testers own browser producing simple scripts that can be edited and controlled with a special high level scripting language.

These scripted sessions can then be played back to simulate many users by a high performance load generation engine. Using this methodology a user can generate realistic heavy loads simulating the activity of hundreds to thousands of virtual users.

[b:kyklrdvk]Data Collection
Timers, Windows Performance & SNMP Statistics[/b:kyklrdvk]
Results and statistics are collected during test runs by a variety of automatic and user controlled mechanisms. These can include scripted timers, SNMP data, Windows Performance Monitor stats and HTTP results & timings. Much of the data logged can be monitored live during the test runs; once test runs are complete, logs can be viewed, graphed, filtered and exported for use by more sophisticated report generation software.

The OpenSTA toolset is Open Source software licensed under the GNU GPL (General Public License), this means it is free and will always remain free. If you wish to build your own customized version of OpenSTA or take part in its development then the complete toolset source code, buildable in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.

You can download it from [url=]here[/url:kyklrdvk]

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