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i think these tools are very useful to you..

[b:9vnnle0a] KayRa [/b:9vnnle0a]
Environment : Linux
Category : Monitoring,Test Automation
Subject : Monitoring, Test automation, Web, Security testing,
Description : KayRa is a Web Application Security Auditing Tool designed to test the security of websites by analyzing web pages. Some of the tests include: SQL Injection, XSS, Form behaviour with bad data. All tests carried out will be based on the OWASP guide.

[b:9vnnle0a]FlexTracer [/b:9vnnle0a]
Category : Test Automation,Monitoring
Subject : sql server tracer, oracle tracer, mysql tracer, interbase tracer, odbc tracer, file monito,r registry monitor,
Description : FlexTracer is a useful and powerful utility that can be used for tracing various application calls – from Windows API functions to Oracle Call Interface. FlexTracer creates history log containing names of all invoked functions, their parameters, results and execution time. FlexTracer is flexible. Unlike other tools, which can show you in most cases only memory dumps and register values, FlexTracer is highly customizable and makes it possible to define what you want to trace and how you want to trace it. Its main IntelliTrace feature enables you e.g. to get the SQL-statement instead of its handle used in function call or to see the readable result codes like OCI_SUCCESS instead if its numeric value. One of the main purposes of FlexTracer is to trace database SQL-queries. FlexTracer supports many RDBMS, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase, MySQL, ODBC, ADO. With this tool you dont need to have the administrator privileges on your database server or ask your database administrator for help or to browse long trace logs every time when you want to know what your application does. Windows registry and file routines are also supported.

you can download these tools from [url=]Here[/url:9vnnle0a]

All the best…

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