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I give some description for the tools which covers Winrunner

[b:1x64rsfa]EMOS Framework v1.4.2 [/b:1x64rsfa]
Environment : Windows Applications
Tool : WinRunner
Category : Scripting,Frameworks
Subject : TSL , Winrunner , EMOS Framework , Test automation
Description : EMOS Framework is a simple yet powerful environment for development of automated WinRunner® tests. Like most frameworks of this sort EMOS Framework separates test data from the test code in order to simplify and speed up test development, increase robustness of the produced solution, empower non-programmers towards test automation, etc. However, EMOS Framework does this in a rather unique way which (in my oppinion) distinguishes it from other frameworks. EMOS Framework is designed for WinRunner® — the GUI test tool made by Mercury Inc. It is almost completely written in WinRunenrs own scripting language, TSL. For this reason the only tool that is required is WinRunner itself. However, Excel® is strongly recommended as it is generally more suitable for management of complex test data than the WinRunners built-in data tables.

[b:1x64rsfa]STDL [/b:1x64rsfa]
Environment : Windows Applications
Tool : WinRunner
Category : Test Automation,Generic
Subject : windows application, winrunner, test automtion, win32, c#
Description : STDL (Structured test description language) is a domain-specific testing language that is used to auto-generate unit test code. It supports a myriad of output languages (incl. C#). The projects aim is that of reducing the resources required for testing

This tool for Load runner .

[b:1x64rsfa]Web Application Load Simulator [/b:1x64rsfa]
Environment : Java
Tool : LoadRunner
Category : Load testing,Test Management
Subject : Loadrunner, Load testing, Test management, Web, application testing
Description : Web application load testing tool written in Java. Uses a central console to manage remote simulations allowing for a large number of virtual users. Can test fullblown web applications requiring cookies and complex querystring and formdata.

You can download it from [url=]here[/url:1x64rsfa] .

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