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[b:38vwyh3j]Parallel Performance Wizard [/b:38vwyh3j]
Environment : Linux
Tool : Performance Center
Category : Testing Concepts,Generic
Subject : Performance analysis tool , Quality assurance tool , UPC ,SHMEM
Description : Parallel Performance Wizard (or PPW, for short) is a performance analysis tool designed for UPC and SHMEM programs.The tool features an easy-to-use interface and tight integration with GAS programming models via the GASP interface. Usage: ppwrun [opts] [program] :Run a program, setting up PPW environment variables.Profile options: comm-stats Enable communication stats, line-comm-stats Enable detailed communication stats (per line), papi-metrics=LIST Comma-separated list of PAPI metrics to collect. Tracing options: trace Enable collection of trace data, trace-buffer=N Set trace buffer size to N bytes. General options: bash Show bash commands for experiment setup and exit, csh Show csh commands for experiment setup and exit, disable Disable all performance data collection , help Display this message , output=FILE Set performance data filename to FILE.


[b:38vwyh3j] Anthill Bug Manager [/b:38vwyh3j]
Environment : Web
Tool : Not Applicable
Category : Test Automation,Generic
Subject : Bug manager , Quality assurance , Bug tracking, OS Independent , Perl
Description : The Anthill Bug Manager is a tool that aids code development by keeping track of bugs in a medium-sized coding environment. It accomplishes this with a clean, simple, and fast interface that contains the essential features, but avoids the complexity associated with similar tools. It is written in Perl, requires an SQL database as a backend, and is Web server independent.

you can download it from [url=]here[/url:38vwyh3j]

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