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XmlTestSuite provides a powerful way to test web applications.

Check site structure:
HTML pages are well formed and links are valid
Check the content of pages
Use Javascript variables, XPath expressions, database queries
Check the way the site works:
Run test scanarios, written in XML
The main aims of XmlTestSuite are

Tests are written in XML
Allows use of syntax checking XML editors.
We use the excellent free editor jEdit.

Tests scripts are robust to changes in the application
Using xpath expressions you can check the important parts of the HTML and ignore the decoration

Writing tests requires only a knowledge of HTML and XML
We wanted XmlTestSuite to be adopted by testers, business analysts,
and web developers who dont have a java background.
(advanced usage may require use of simple xpath expressions.
See the dtd manual for some examples).

Testing encompasses all parts of the system including the database and file system.
XmlTestSuite can verify that certain tables are updated when a certain page is submitted.
After the tests have been completed it can suggest the sql necessary to clean up the database.
It can also perform xpath evaluations on local files.

Test environment is easily extended (see the Api for details)
New test classes can be added by including them in the java classpath
New resources for test classes can be added almost as easily

Enables test driven development
We have used XmlTestSuite to develop tests for existing applications.
We have also used it for new applications, where the tests form part of
the specifications, and are used during the development phase.

Enables functional testing

Full compatibility with junit
This allows the use of the standard junit test runner applications.
Developers can use it with IDE frameworks (jEdit, Eclipse)

You can read the instructions from [url=]here[/url:3fqsma3f]

Alla the best….

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