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I give some SDK testing tools . I think it will be useful to you.

[b:1gtlcfrt]Palm Unit [/b:1gtlcfrt]
Environment : Linux
Category : Generic,Test Automation
Subject : PALMOS, C++ , Unix , Unit testing
Description : CppUnit for PalmOS. (Unit Testing Modules of Extreme Programming.) C++ based software of Palm seems to be different in many points with other environments such as UNIX. So, I could not compile CppUnit as it is. But it seems to be working correctly just changing around STL and exception. Yet, exception such as divided by 0 is not able to be cought by the exception macro of Palm, so this tool may be close but no cigar for the test tool. Incidentally, the development environment of this framework is gcc offerd by Palm Ic., SDK is 3.5.

[b:1gtlcfrt]JavaScript SDK [/b:1gtlcfrt]
Environment : Java
Category : Test Automation,Generic
Subject : JavaScript SDK , OS Independent , Javascript.
Description : Browser independent JavaScript SDK. ClassLoader to lazy load JavaScript classes, extensions to core JavaScript, Reflection API, Collection API, Unit Testing API, AJAX API, Logging API, and Custom/DOM Event API

You can download these tools from [url=]here[/url:1gtlcfrt]……..

All the best..

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