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OK youve drawn me into it.

Apologies my original comment was flippant but the issue remains that as more and more people start asking for answers to interview questions and people start posting their answers, the information starts to become useless.

See the qaforums for numerous debates on this matter. There are so many people posting different answers and theories the good responses get lost.

For example in this reponse you say
[i:jsq7nadt]Regression testing…[b:jsq7nadt]these dont really test the functionality [/b:jsq7nadt][/i:jsq7nadt]
yet in your other post you say
[i:jsq7nadt]Regression: After a change to code, testing the affected components to [b:jsq7nadt]see if old functionality is still working[/b:jsq7nadt]. . [/i:jsq7nadt]

Doesnt this just confuse the matter?

However, after saying all that is this particular forum not for opensource testing tool discussion?

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