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Another OpenSoure Test Management tool is Salome TMF.
Salome TMF is a Test Management Framework written in Java which provides :

1. A module to manage requirments -> a requirements plugin is provided with Salom? TMF
2. A module to plan Tests -> you can organise your test in the Test Plan view
3. A way to connect between the tests (in the plan module) to automatic tests(usually bach files or perl scripts) -> you can create test campaigns by importing test from Test Plan. Each campaign can be executed with manual tests and/or automatic tests.
4. A module of bug managment -> mantis and bugzilla plugin are provided with Salom? TMF
5. The tool should give us the abillity to connect between a req to test and between a test to a bug. ->
– You can link a requirement to one or more tests, you can link a test to one or more requirements
– You can associate one or more bugs to tests
– You can view the requirements coverage
– You can generate tests from requirements which are automatically linked to test.

Other features :
– Import/Export project (XML) and generation of reports with graphics (HTML)
– Execute automatic tests (plugins : Beanshell, Junit, Abbot)

Salom? TMF is under GPL license and you can dowload it and find more informations here :


Jean-Marie Hallou?t (Salom? TMF contributor)

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