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Thats an excellent idea, thanks Valentin, I think it would really help users of the site select and evaluate tools. Ill have a think over the coming week about how this can be implemented. As all the tool details are stored in a database, such a table could easily be generated, but as you say, the actual investigation task would be time consuming, and I have very little time (I have a day job by day, and a small baby by night!)

The easiest way may be for volunteers to each take a tool type (e.g. functional, bug databases, java unit testing) depending on their area of expertise, and supply a list of common functionality (which will differ for each tool type). I already have a comparison list for bug databases somewhere at work I think, Im sure many other test managers and analysts amongst you will have your own comarison lists compiled for different tool types as part of prior evaluation processes too. Feel free to forward me any if so. ([email protected])

Once I have the list of common functionality for each tool type, I can then post a list of tools that users can submit individually. Im sure this could be handled dynamically using web forms, so neednt be too timeconsuming from an admin point of view. I have direct contact with about a quarter of the tool developers who submitted their own tools, I expect these guys would be happy to submt their own, which would be a good start.

Will post more info in due course,

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