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[quote="rick":308wmci3]I am Electronic Publications Manager for the Spain branch of a large international publishing group. I prefer not to mention who we are as the initiative we are developing is somewhat confidential. This message is not a windup, scam or anything other than a genuine offer of work.

We are having en e-learning platform built. I am having problems getting affordable load testing on the app. The alpha is available now. Most testers seem to want to test the app either by putting their testing server physically next to our application server or alternatively having a local installation of our app set up in their labs.

I wan to avoid using proprietary testing software such as Segue or Mercury because of prohibitive licensing costs. We want to run a load test using a minimum umber of 500 virtual students and an ideal number of 2000, using preferably three representative students test scripts. We would also want a test script running for about 70 virtual teachers.

I imagine an OS load testing app such as OpenSTA might work, others, such as Siege, seem rather limited, as the typical session on an elearning Platform tends to be long and complex.

Alternatively you might want to hard code your scripts.We want the testing team/consultancy to set up the scripts, run the software, loadtest the app and write the report on the Beta of the elearning platform.

We want to spend out money on scripting, and lab work and not on user licenses, therefore I dont want to use Segue or Mercury because were paying up to ?100 / virtual user. If consultancy wants to use and customize or adapt Open Source load testing software then fine. Some prefer to write load test scripts from scratch in the coding language of their choice, however.

We have a 15 day window as from today

I cant find a sincere emoticon.[/quote:308wmci3]
I can help you with the testing. I and my company(small company) use opensource tools and software. We can look as you have suggested and see if we can automate most of the load testing. If we decide to go with custom load-test software, the software I would be PERL on FreeBSD.

The one problem is that we are based in Pennsylvania, USA. We have to do remote test over HTTP or HTTPS. We can discuss this if you like. If you like to proceede and like the idea, please email me at [email protected](personal email) or could give me your contact number to reach you or contact me 1-215-486-9025 or 1-732-666-2744

Good Luck!

Best regards
Martin Louis

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