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[quote="MPennington":284k6myt]Weve been using Mantis for a while now (1000+ bugs) and are not really happy with it.
Weve looked at Bugzilla but were afraid its going to be a configuration and maint nightmare.

If anyone has suggestions about a good open source bug tracker, highly customizable but easy to maintain, Id love to hear them.


Not Cleary understand you.
What do you need? What requirements?

There are many Bugtrackers (IssuTrackers) because many requirements and features. And some sourceforge project rise from its own firm reqirements.
Such as: OS, Speed, only bugtracking, etc and so on.

Why you dont like Mantis, Bugzilla… and I think some others?

Im working at outsourcing compay, and seen many bugtackers and issuetrackers, and each company based its choice on some requirements and proccess features.

P.S. If you work on sourceforge project try to see , it is free for sourceforge project. And it is best example not only bug tracker…

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