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You are right. I failed very often with projects which seamed to be small and
simple, but turned out to be complicated.
In this case I need really sth. easy. I have written this tool tonight. I guess it is
sufficient for me. Ill see on Monday, if it is so.
If you are interested in the idea (Programm intself is hardly usable be
someone but my), I could give it to you. It requires Qt 3 for compiling.

Have you used ready libraries in your project? I guess ctags and graphviz
would be a help. And of cause the tool I already mentioned: gcov.
In which language have you written this programm?

So, did you derive your testdata from the datatypes/values within the if- and loop -conditions? It sounds really interesting.

An open source project for testdata generation would be a great project indeen.
If I find Time to make my programm more user friendly, I certainly publish it on

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