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The test case generator I wrote was for an undergrad software engineering class. The project was a success, but the end product was not very sophisticated.

The function of the program was to actually read the source code of another program and generate variable values based on an analysis of the source code of the second program. It is easy to generate random values for variables but this is not very effective. Things become difficult when a variable?s value depends upon the value of other variables, etc. Conditional and control statements are difficult to deal with in this context as well. Our program was designed to achieve path coverage, full branch coverage, and multi-condition coverage. On a basic level branch coverage was achieved but multi condition coverage was abandoned due to time constraints (which basically means it was really freakin hard to do and we ran out of time).

If your company will allow it, I would recommend looking for a commercial alternative to writing this software yourself. It took 4 programmers under the guidance of a PhD, who had done research on the subject, well over a month to come up with what we had. There was one other team of 4 programmers working on the same problem at the same time we were and they managed a slightly more polished product, but their program was still limited.

?if you are a good programmer and really know what you?re doing then you could probably pull off a utility tailored to your specific needs, but unfortunately there is no generic utility that I am aware of.

This all gives me an idea though! This sort of program might make a great open source project!

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