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No, it is not a class project. During last three years Ive been involved in a
big project. It is industrial visualization with lots of components and a lot of
properties per component.
I implemented UnitTests for a few of them and it is awfull to write the testdata.
It takes a lot of time.

Then I written own UnitTest Classes, which read Testdata as a stream of chars,
interprete it, and calls corresponding functions. e.g.:
would mean: New test “STR_GW001”, Create Component, setProp Nr. 8 with “hello”
assert, that property Nr. 442 is also “hello”

That way it goes quicker and there is no need to recompile after changing the testdata.
Now I need sth. to create such strings more comfortable from GUI.
The requirenment is pretty specific, I know. But I thought, there could be a generic,
customizable tool.

What was your motivation for writing a generator, and why it wasnt succesfull?

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