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Hi Piotr,

I agree, this would be great if opensource products would have so good marketing and PR as commercial products but I they dont and it is hardly possible that they will have such. There are several reasons:

1) most OS projects leaders are hackers who do it in their free time and are more interesting in coding than in advertising. They use freshmeant, sourforge, savannah and thats all. They cant, have no time or just dont feel like to do the PR job.
2) most OS products are not complex solutions. They cover rather small aspect of development process, there have hardly anything in common. They are not unified. If you want to build good testing platform based on opensource projects you must assemble it from many different subprojects written in many different languages. Thats not a good point in the discussion with the boss… What could we say? “Hey boss. Ive great testing platform. We only must hire one Java specialist, one for Python, one for Perl, we must lern only 120 new tools and make it work togother. Well receive help from talented community: well just subscribe to 120 mailig lists…”. Sorry for the sarkasm but this is todays reality.

Im not against OS. I lead one OS, test-related project myself and think that OS and development based on community is the future of software development but on the other hand OS movement is not ready to provide a total, easy to use, unified replacement of commercial software. I hope that in the near future it will change.

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