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Hi All,
I am an IT Consultant with 7 years of experience in software development. I am currently seriously exploring the subject of using open source tools for testing.
I have few suggestion about this forum:

To Admin:
Please let people be more specific about their job. Let them write how experienced they are, were do they work, what do they do currently.

To members:
Once given this new feature mentioned above – use it

I consider this important and let me tell you why.

People experienced in the business, know that the single most important thing before you start using a new tool is to:


Commercial software vendors developed the impressive machinery for convincing managers that using their tool is the single most intelligent decision ever made.
There is no such thing in open source.
Successfull experience of others may be a mean to convince your supervisors. Positive opinions about some tool as well. But this opinions must be given by professionals, which are proud of their experience and are not affraid of being contacted. Bunch of posts made by UPO (Unidentified posting object :lol: ) are not a good material for starting a conversation with your manager.
Success stories are invaluable. Share them with us. It would be a great help for whole open source testing community.
If you have a big, well known name or are somehow linked to well known product dont be shy. Let all people know that open source testing is of interest of respected professionals.


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