AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation Best of all, AutoIt continues to be FREE – but if you want to support the time, money and effort spent on the project and web […]

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Chorus is a BDD testing framework targeted at distributed architectures. The intention behind the Chorus project is to provide a good general purpose interpreter for BDD tests, with special capabilities which help to test distributed components Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be logged in to vote.

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Selendroid is a test automation framework which drives of the UI of Android native and hybrid applications (apps). Tests are written using the Selenium 2 client API. Selendroid can be used on emulators and real devices and can be integrated as a node into the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing Our Reader Score[Total: […]

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Autotestnet is a GUI network test framework, internally it is based on CLI to communicate with devices. It can help you to arrange test cases, setup commands to devices ,run commands to check results and record test results Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be logged in to vote.

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Thucydides is a tool that lets you use WebDriver-based unit or BDD tests to write more flexible and more reusable WebDriver-based tests, and also to generate documentation about your acceptance tests, including a narrative description of test, along with the corresponding screen shots, and also high-level summaries and aggregations of the test results Our Reader […]

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TestMP is a test platform facilitating the management of automation test cases, data, environments in an automated way. The purpose is to provide an infrastructure for the teams who want to start building their automation test process, save their effort on solving common technical requirements and problems. Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be […]

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Behat is a tool that makes behavior driven development (BDD) possible. With BDD, you write human-readable stories that describe the behavior of your application. These stories can then be auto-tested against your application. Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be logged in to vote.

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NBi is a testing framework (add-on to NUnit) for Microsoft Business Intelligence platform and Data Access. The main goal of this framework is to let users create tests with a declarative approach based on an Xml syntax. By the means of NBi, you do not need to develop C# code to specify your tests! Either, […]

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