Stress Testing

The application is tested against heavy load such as complex numerical values, large number of inputs, large number of queries etc. which checks for the stress/load the applications can withstand. Stress testing deals with the quality of the application in the environment. Read the stress testing tutorials in pdf with examples after this basic introduction. […]

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Functional Testing

In this type of testing, the software is tested for the functional requirements. The tests are written in order to check if the application behaves as expected. Although functional testing is often done toward the end of the development cycle, it can—and should, —be started much earlier. Refer the Pdf tutorials about Functional testing also […]

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Types of Software Testing

  We have come across so many types of software testing. The two major approaches of software testing are manual software testing and automated software testing. Manual software testing means it is being done by a man. That means a person, ie a tester runs the software for errors. We would discuss each testing in […]

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Software Testing Tutorial

  Tutorial part 1: Introduction What is Testing?  | Testing Objectives In this software testing tutorial we are going to learn about What is Software testing and its definition and its objectives ( Missions).   What is Software Testing? Software testing is being recognized as a profession now. Even though the word “Software Testing” is too […]

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