Open call of all Testing experts

All, If you have content you have created, it is about testing, and you think it should be shared. Please email us at [email protected] Your content can be: -Tool Reviews -General testing best practices -Test Automation -Performance Testing -Security Testing -Creative way to use testing tools or techniques We are looking for exclusive content. You […]

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Stress, Load and Software Performance Testing

Dynatrace Application Monitoring is an application performance management (APM) tool that consists of several key capabilities which help users monitor and manipulate data. It features collaboration tools with high-level views and simple drill downs that provide for visibility and contextual details. The Dynatrace APM tool provides visibility and insight into where and how customers are […]

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Affinity Diagram

In 1976, the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) saw the need for tools to promote innovation, communicate information and successfully plan major projects. A team researched and developed the seven new quality control tools, often called the seven management and planning (MP) tools, or simply the seven management tools. Not all the tools […]

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Apodora is a framework/tool for automating functional testing of web applications. It provides the user with programmatic control of the web browser allowing them to interact directly with the browser’s user interface. It uses a database backend in order to remember how to find your html elements. This also makes your scripts easier to maintain.

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ABI Compliance Checker

The Abbot framework provides automated event generation and validation of Java GUI components, improving upon the very rudimentary functions provided by the java.awt.Robot class (A Better ‘Bot). The framework may be invoked directly from Java code or accessed without programming through the use of scripts. It is suitable for use both by developers for unit […]

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Twitter Diffy Spots Bugs in Services by Comparing the Responses

Twitter has open sourced Diffy, an automated testing tool used in production for discovering potential bugs in new code running on Apache Trift and other HTTP-based services. Unlike unit testing tools which run predefined sets of tests against individual pieces of code, Diffy behaves like a functional testing tool running against an entire web service. […]

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How to turn on System Restore in Windows 10 to protect against bad updates

We’ve already talked a few times about Microsoft’s new approach to delivering updates for home users in Windows 10. Unlike previous versions of the OS, Home users won’t be able to prevent updates from being installed on their PC. While this is probably advantageous for most people it does bring up two major objections: fears […]

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