Open call of all Testing experts

All, If you have content you have created, it is about testing, and you think it should be shared. Please email us at [email protected] Your content can be: -Tool Reviews -General testing best practices -Test Automation -Performance Testing -Security Testing -Creative way to use testing tools or techniques We are looking for exclusive content. You […]

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RSS feeds update

Both RSS feeds have been merged into rss_news.php – this feed now features all new tools added to the site, general site news, community news and tool updates. Please ensure your RSS reader point to rss_news.php, as rss_tools.php will be discontinued at the end of September. Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be logged […]

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Discussion forum spamming

Apologies for any obscene content on the discussion forums, I am trying various methods of stopping this but these spambots are getting ever more intelligent. Until I find a solution that works (and there are quite a few more weapons in my arsenal yet!) I am checking several times daily and deleting inappropriate posts manually. […]

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RSS feeds have been suspended

The project activity and download data on this site have been temporarily suspended due to problems with the RSS feeds from Sourceforge, this may be due to maintenance work on Sourceforge or some impact of their sites redesign. As soon as the issue is resolved the feeds will be reactivated. Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: […]

Read More is 2 years old this month. is 2 years old this month. Launched on 11th March 2003, the site has grown steadily and now features 200 tools and attracts over 15000 distinct users per month. Thanks to all users for their tool reccomendations and continued support. Happy Birthday! Our Reader Score[Total: 0 Average: 0]You must be logged in to vote.

Read More is 1 year old! is 1 year old! Launched on 11th March 2003 the site initially featured 35 tools and quickly attracted an audience of about 1000 distinct users per month. Growing steadily, in no small part due to users own tool suggestions and word of mouth recommendations, the site now proudly features 145 tools and currently attracts […]

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