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Background aims to boost the profile of open source testing tools within the testing industry, principally by providing users with an easy to use gateway to information on the wide range of open source testing tools available.

The site was started in March 2003 with what amounted to a personal list of about 50 tools. The ball started rolling quickly and the first month saw 1,500 unique users, a number which has risen steadily over the years to hit 100,000 unique users per month in August 2007. The trend steadily continues ever upwards.

Today the site features over 360 tools in 20 categories, news items aggregated from over 125 RSS feeds, a discussion forum with 800 members, an RSS feed with 35,000 monthly page views, and 100,000 unique users per month from 160 countries.


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and testing professionals across the world regularly express gratitude at having access to such a valuable resource. To have made that difference makes the site a major success in my eyes. So please feel free to email me your general comments and encouragement, it makes the whole thing worthwhile!


First and foremost this site aims to provide a gateway to information on open source testing tools and to serve the needs of its community; it is not intended as a money-making machine. Yet as the community of users grows so do the revenue opportunities, and the dream of making a living doing this and immersing myself in open source forever inches closer to reality!

The site began running commercial advertising campaigns in 2007. My aim is to provide value for advertisers with highly visible but non-intrusive adverts.

There are two advert positions throughout the site. The 300×200 pixel standard display ad runs everywhere except the forums, while the 160×600 pixel skyscraper ad runs throughout the site.

Advertising space is available on a monthly basis or at reduced rates for a quarterly commitment. There are also reduced rates for open source projects.

Once the site�s operating costs have been met, some of the profits go back into the open source and free software community. Any such donations are published in the site�s news feed as and when they occur. I hope to make my first round of donations by Christmas 2007!

If you would like further information on advertising rates and availability please request an advertising kit.

About the publisher

My name is Nadeem A Kayani and I run this site in my spare time.

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