Stress, Load and Software Performance Testing

Dynatrace Application Monitoring is an application performance management (APM) tool that consists of several key capabilities which help users monitor and manipulate data. It features collaboration tools with high-level views and simple drill downs that provide for visibility and contextual details.

The Dynatrace APM tool provides visibility and insight into where and how customers are using an application with real-time, contextual information across the entire lifecycle. It also monitors CPU usage and other infrastructure-related items. Users of Dynatrace Application Monitoring can see all the channels that customers touch and can leverage the data holistically. Also available are personalized information delivery for businesses and technical stakeholders via custom dashboards, and preconfigured, meaningful data sets for common analytics scenarios. Dynatrace Application Monitoring is scalable software and can be used for a wide range of IT environments: business, IT, development and test teams. It supports Agile and DevOps methodologies. Businesses of all sizes and verticals use Dynatrace Application Monitoring.