Overview of Performance Testing Concepts

Performance Testing :  There are lot of Definitions available but the one mentioned in IEEE Glossary is as follows:

“Testing conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements. Often this is performed using an automated test tool to simulate large number of users. Also known as “Load Testing”.


“The testing performed to determine the degree to which a system or component accomplishes its designated functions within given constraints regarding processing time and throughput rate.”

The purpose of the test is to measure characteristics, such as response times, throughput or the mean time between failures (for reliability testing)

Performance testing tool:

A tool to support performance testing and that usually has two main facilities: load generation and test transaction measurement. Load generation can simulate either multiple users or high volumes of input data. During execution, response time measurements are taken from selected transactions and these are logged. Performance testing tools normally provide reports based on test logs and graphs of load against response times.

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